About Us

Company Overview

Company Overview

  • Life Industries Corporation was established in 1969.
  • Our current facilities are located in historic
    Charleston, South Carolina.
  • We have over forty years of experience in the development,
    manufacturing and packaging of commercial chemical products.
    We have supplied a variety of industries worldwide, including
    industrial, personal care, marine, home and commerical
    renovation and restoration.
  • All products are manufactured on premises.

Company History

Life Industries Corporation is a privately held, second generation company.  It was founded by Edwin Kehrt as a spin-off from a theatrical hardware company he owned.  He purchased the theatrical hardware company in 1953 and in the early 1960’s he began to diversify the company.

In 1969 Life Industries Corporation became its own entity.  Mr. Kehrt’s experience in the Pacific arena during WWII gave birth to the introduction of polysulfide caulking into the marine market.  During WWII, as a Capt. in the US Army, Mr. Kehrt was responsible for running the floating power plant in Manila, which also produced liquid oxygen and nitrogen.  He became familiar during that time with polysulfide, which was being used by the military to repair bullet holes in aircraft fuel tanks.

In the early 1960’s, this technology was released for use by the public at the same time Mr. Kehrt purchased his first boat.  Finding that there were no suitable sealants/caulking available in the marine industry, he drew on his experience some 20 years prior and introduced polysulfide into the marine industry.

Mr. Kehrt was the first to bring caulking and sealants as we know them today into the industry.  Over the years, many other products such as epoxies, waxes, cleaners, polishes and sealers have been developed by our in-house personnel and brought to market.  Many of which either have received patents or are proprietary.

In the early 1970’s Life Industries purchased a manufacturing company which specialized in coatings and flooring.  This greatly expanded our manufacturing capabilities and was a nice compliment to our packaging capabilities. In 1979 the two companies merged into one location and in 1995 relocated from Long Island to South Carolina.  Mr. Kehrt’s daughter, Grace L. Schmidt, has been President since 1989.  Mr. Kehrt retired in 1990.

Life Industries products are mainly packaged and sold under the BoatLIFE® brand worldwide.