Life Industries Releases Sanitizer for Private Labeling

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Life Industries Corporation, manufacturer of BoatLIFERVbyLIFE, and AeroLIFE high-quality care and maintenance products for the marine, RV, and aviation industries, has increased its sanitizing solution production line with the release of its Sanitizer for Hands and Surfaces available for private labeling.

Life Industries releases new sanitizer for private labeling

The sanitizer is available in five different spray bottle sizes: 4 fl oz, 8 fl oz, 12 fl oz, 16 fl oz, 32 fl oz, and refill bottles of 16 fl oz and 128 fl oz. It is for immediate sale to the general public in addition to health care professionals, hospitals, and trades. Furthermore, Maike Kowal, Marketing Director for Life Industries, adds that “the benefit of Life Industries’ Sanitizer for Hands and Surfaces is that it will continue to work on cleaned surfaces once dry. Conversely, alcohol-based sanitizers stop working when evaporated.” What’s more, she continues that “our Sanitizer is gentle and will not irritate the skin on application.”

A solution of Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) and water, the sanitizer is safe on skin and surfaces. A common ingredient in most antibacterial wipes and soaps, the chemical is also one of the three FDA– and CDC-approved alternatives to alcohol-based hand rubs. In fact, a recent study by Brigham Young University concluded that BZK based sanitizers are just as effective at fighting the coronavirus as their alcohol-based counterparts.

To purchase directly from the manufacturer, visit any of the following sites, or reach out to your local marine, RV, or aviation products distributor:

For questions regarding contract packaging and private labeling, please fill out the following inquiry form or contact Life Industries Corporation by phone at 800-382-9706 or by email at

About Life Industries Corporation

Founded by Mr. Edwin Kehrt on Long Island, New York, Life Industries Corporation has been in the business of formulating, compounding, labeling, packaging, and shipping various chemical compounds for over sixty years. The parent company of known brands, BoatLIFE, RVbyLIFE, and AeroLIFE, the organization relocated to its present home in North Charleston, South Carolina in 1995. Mr. Kehrt’s daughter, Grace L. Schmidt, has been president since 1987.